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How could a flexible co-parenting schedule benefit children of divorce?

Raising children with a former spouse has its challenges. Scheduling must not only meet your children’s needs but also allow for some flexibility.

Making changes to custody arrangements requires communication with your ex. A co-parenting app can help.

Some give-and-take might be best for your kids rather than sticking to your preferred schedule.

Three benefits of working together

Parents can typically agree to prioritize children’s needs even in a high-conflict divorce. A flexible co-parenting arrangement is part of putting theory into practice as you help your kids navigate the challenges of ending your marriage.

Scheduling adaptability may help:

Reduce stress and anxiety: Relaxed time together can refocus divorced parents on their children’s interests instead of shuffling them back and forth according to a set itinerary.

Provide a sense of security: Cordial communication and cooperation between you and your co-parent can be calming for children as they adjust to the significant changes in their family. Your example sets the stage for stability, despite a different living situation. This can lead to improved self-esteem, better emotional regulation and a healthier outlook on life.

Increase opportunities: Inclusion is vital to a child’s development. Who doesn’t want to encourage their kids to grow their sense of belonging through participation in family gatherings, school events, or extracurricular activities?

You both want to develop meaningful relationships as your children get older. And there may be times when altering your child custody plan feels inconvenient.

However, the next time your former spouse asks to rearrange your parenting time schedule, consider how cooperating with your co-parent is an investment in your children’s happiness – both now and in the years to come.