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Resolving Custody Conflicts Through Investigation

When parties are unable to reach agreement on residential responsibility (physical custody) or parenting time (visitation) issues, a parenting investigator may be appointed. Sometimes the court will request a parenting investigation, but most often, the parties will ask that a parenting investigation be conducted.

A parenting investigation is a thorough analysis of the state’s best interest of the child factors based on firsthand observations.

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The Parenting Investigator’s Role

Most often, a parenting investigator is a family law attorney in North Dakota or Minnesota who has received additional training specific to parenting investigations. It’s not a requirement that the parenting investigator is an attorney, though.

When appointed, the parenting investigator will interview the parties, references and sometimes the children (depending on their ages and maturity levels) as part of their investigation and ultimate report.

The Potential Value Of A Parenting Investigation Report

A custody investigation is often a useful tool for the judges involved in cases that may determine changes in child custody (parentage) or visitation (parenting time). Many times, a well-written and researched report will allow the parents to avoid court completely.

Other Child-Related Issues

Our law firm assists clients with a wide range of family law matters having to do with children, including paternity actions, adoption, termination of parental rights, custody, visitation, modifications and enforcement. We welcome your inquiry on these and other legal issues involving your family. Call 701-347-1383 or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation with one of our child custody lawyers.