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Understanding Parenting Plans

In divorce or legal separation, the best interests of the children are addressed in a document called a parenting plan. To address the best interests of the children, parents work with mediators, attorneys and the courts to craft an in-depth document called a parenting plan.

Parenting plans are designed to address a variety of issues, which include:

  • Where the children live
  • The amount of time each parent will have with the children
  • When and where exchanges will occur
  • How the parties will handle holidays and unforeseen events, such as special occasions or a parent’s inability to care for a child for a short period

Of course, life is unpredictable, and not even the most well-thought-out parenting plan can account for every possibility. As child custody attorneys serving the Fargo area and western Minnesota, we aim to provide solutions that apply in most circumstances for our clients’ families. Your child custody and family law attorney can play a key role in protecting your child’s interests and your parental rights.

Physical And Legal Custody: Decision-Making And Conflict Resolution

North Dakota and Minnesota family law courts require that a parenting plan determines not only where the children will be physically, but also how the parents will address various decisions that will be necessary over the children’s growing up years.

As part of any parenting plan, a child custody attorney will ensure each parent’s rights and responsibilities are addressed in a way that encourages cooperation between parents in two households. Note that in Minnesota, custody determinations presume each parent will have parenting time of at least 25% of the overnights with their children.

Each parenting plan must also address ways to resolve conflicts that may arise as the children grow up through mediation, arbitration, counseling or the courtroom. An experienced child custody attorney at our family law firm can help you arrive at a parenting plan that will remain effective long after your divorce or legal separation case is formalized.

Choose A Child Custody Attorney Trusted For Dedicated Representation

Determining what’s in your child’s best interest can be stressful. Custody and parenting plans often involve difficult decisions. It is important that you have a skilled and knowledgeable advocate by your side.

At Parvey, Larson, and McLean, PLLC, we are parents and stepparents first and attorneys second. We will approach your child custody matter with compassion, practicality and clear legal counsel. When you choose to work with a Fargo child custody lawyer at Parvey, Larson, and McLean, you’ll have effective and compassionate legal representation in your corner.

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