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Could back child support affect your recreational license?

If you enjoy fishing or hunting, it is essential to keep in mind that failing to pay child support on time could prevent you from taking part in these hobbies. Aside from affecting your ability to enjoy certain outdoor activities, missing child support payments could disrupt many other aspects of your life. For example, you could lose your tax refund, passport or assets.

It is pivotal to understand your options if you have difficulty paying child support on time.

Losing your recreational license due to child support

According to North Dakota Child Support, the state could suspend your recreational license (such as your fishing or hunting license) if you owe more than $2,000 in back child support or have two months’ worth of unpaid child support. In addition, the state could suspend your driver’s license and vehicle registration, which could also prevent you from fishing or hunting, and you could lose your occupational or professional license as well.

Paying child support to protect your recreational license

In order to safeguard your ability to fish and hunt, you should carefully go over your options and do all you can to stay current on child support you owe. For example, you might benefit from setting aside money and spending less.

If you lost your job, you might have the opportunity to modify your child support order and reduce the amount of support you have to pay each month. This could make it easier to stay caught up and prevent the suspension of your fishing or hunting license.