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How do co-parents manage different parenting styles?

Whether you are in the early stages of your divorce or have reached a settlement agreement, you may have some concerns about sharing custody of your children with your ex-spouse. This is probably particularly true if you and your former husband or wife have vastly different parenting styles.

According to reporting from CNBC, there are four distinct parenting styles: authoritarian, authoritative, neglectful and permissive. While parents may shift parenting styles from time to time, it is not uncommon for co-parents to disagree about how to raise the kids. Fortunately, employing some techniques may allow you to find a middle ground with your co-parent.

Have a discussion

After divorce, it can be tempting to let negative feelings and thoughts fester. If you go this route, you may lose your temper and blow up at your ex-spouse. Doing so, of course, is not productive. Therefore, rather than letting your ex’s parenting style bother you, try having a discussion or series of discussions with him or her.

Formulate common rules

Because you are co-parents, you and your ex-spouse have critical roles to play in the upbringing of your children. If your ex is amenable, consider formulating common rules your children must follow regardless of where they are or which parent has parenting time. Breaking these rules also should come with uniform discipline across both households.

Get some professional help

If your ex-spouse’s parenting style is causing friction, you may need some professional help. A family therapist perhaps can help you and your former spouse get on the same page.

Ultimately, though, if you believe your ex’s parenting style is endangering your kids or the relationship you have with them, you may need to explore your legal options.