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What is unique about adopting a child in North Dakota?

The process of adopting a child is deliberate and detailed to make sure you are fit and to match you with a child with whom you will mesh well together as a family.

In North Dakota, you will find that the adoption process is similar to that of other states in many respects. However, according to the state Department of Human Services, there is one important aspect in which it is different.

How North Dakota adoptions are different

No matter where you live, there are several different types of adoptions available. A few of the most popular options include adopting a child from foster care, adopting a child from a foreign country or adopting a newborn, whose biological family you may have a relationship with prior to the birth. In most cases, private adoption agencies handle the latter two situations while adopting a child from foster care involves working with a government agency.

While all these types of adoptions are available in North Dakota, the difference is that private adoption agencies handle all of them. For children adopted from the foster care system, the state government contracts with these agencies to provide services to foster kids and their adoptive families. This gives you the option of choosing the agency you want to work with even if you decide to adopt a child from foster care.

What requirements private agencies need to meet

Before choosing an agency to handle your adoption, you should verify that it has the necessary approval and license to operate in North Dakota.

You should also confirm that it facilitates the type of adoption that you have chosen. For example, if you decide to adopt a child from foster care, it limits your options as the state only contracts with three agencies to provide such services.