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Mediation may help avoid an overwhelming divorce procedure

Couples who realize their marriage has progressed beyond repair may wish to consider mediation as an alternative to a traditional divorce. As reported by Women’s Health magazine, mediation may serve as an attractive option when two spouses have the ability to reach an agreement out of court.

A divorce procedure may take several months, and in some cases, it could take several years. Individuals may have already decided how they would like to divide their property, but a potentially lengthy legal process may include complex paperwork and court hearings. Mediation, however, may offer a quicker way for couples to finalize their divorce.

Mediating custody issues

North Dakota’s laws permit couples to discuss their custody and financial support issues without requiring their children to appear in court. Mediation allows couples to create shared custody arrangements such as allowing each spouse to spend an equal amount of time with the children.

Two soon-to-be ex-spouses may also negotiate a workable payment arrangement for supporting a family’s needs. Rather than a judge deciding on a monthly support schedule based on each spouse’s earnings, couples may create a plan that works for their children.

Negotiating support based on a family’s needs

Mediation may enable couples to determine the expenses required for their children’s upbringing without input from the court. As noted by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, the costs of housing, insurance and taxes may become a burden on an individual with a single person’s income. Maintaining a household formerly accustomed to higher combined earnings may require financial support.

Mediation offers each spouse the ability to discuss the custody, housing and support arrangements that fit within their budget while also meeting family needs. Although the court may require selling assets and dividing them, mediation may allow couples to reach a meaningful agreement on their own.