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When mediation is helpful in a divorce

Divorce can be a bumpy process. However, mediation can offer a smoother path to resolution in many situations.  It offers a chance for parents to talk about creative solutions, unique to their family, outside of the courtroom.  There are many topics that can be covered in mediation.  Here are just a few examples:

Heavy parental workloads

For parents with demanding jobs, such as doctors or seasonal workers, mediation can provide a flexible solution. These professions often require irregular hours and intense schedules at certain times of the year.

Traditional court dates can be difficult to attend. Mediation allows for more flexible scheduling, accommodating the busy lives of the parents. This flexibility helps reduce stress and ensures that both parties can participate fully in the process.

With mediation, parents can negotiate custody arrangements and parenting schedules that fit around their work commitments. They can meet the needs of their children without disrupting their professional responsibilities.

Parental relocation

Another situation where mediation can be particularly helpful is when one parent desires to relocate. Whether for a new job opportunity, to be closer to family, or for personal reasons, relocating can complicate custody arrangements.

Mediation provides a platform for parents to discuss and negotiate the terms of the move. This includes adjusting visitation schedules, determining transportation logistics, and ensuring that the non-relocating parent can maintain a meaningful relationship with the children.

Spousal support disagreements

When one spouse is seeking financial support from the other, tensions can run high. Mediation helps both parties openly discuss their financial situations and come to a fair agreement. This process encourages transparency and collaboration. It can reduce the emotional and financial strain that often accompanies spousal support disputes in litigation.

With open communication and flexible problem-solving, mediation offers a valuable alternative to traditional divorce proceedings.  If you have questions about the mediation process and what to expect, PLM can help.