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Does a collaborative divorce save money?

Not every North Dakota divorce has to end with a long, contentious courtroom battle. On the contrary, a growing number of former couples are deciding to end their marriages using alternatives to divorce litigation, such as mediation or collaborative divorce. These options may not suit everyone. However, if the relationship between you and your ex is such that you might be able to work with one another one last time for both of your benefits, a collaborative divorce may prove well worth considering.

Per U.S. News and World Reports, collaborative divorce has the capacity to save you and your former partner a hefty sum. Here are some of the reasons why collaborative divorce is often cheaper than a traditional divorce.

It involves less lawyer time

When you hire a lawyer, the more time that lawyer spends in court, the more you typically have to pay him or her. Collaborative divorce takes place largely outside of a courtroom, at least until the end. This means you and your ex may wind up spending quite a lot less on attorney fees when you end your marriage in this manner.

It is less adversarial

While a courtroom divorce may feel like a fight, a collaborative divorce may feel more like working together so that both you and your ex may walk away from the marriage in as solid a position as possible. It is, as the name implies, a collaborative process, which encourages working together to achieve a solution that appeases everyone.

As an added benefit, a collaborative divorce may give you a better sense of your finances than a litigated divorce would, which may help you set and stick to a budget as you adjust to single life.