North DAkota Parenting Time

“Parenting time” and “visitation” mean the same thing in North Dakota.  When parties, or the court, decide how to share a child’s time with each parent, the parent with less than 50% of the overnights with the child will receive “parenting time.” 

There are many ways to structure parenting time that is meaningful to both the child and the parent in North Dakota. It’s always important to consider a parent’s work schedule; the child’s age; and sometimes, the child’s involvement in activities, when determining the best parenting time schedule. When crafting a parenting-time schedule, it’s also important to understand that the more specific and all-encompassing the parenting time schedule is, the more likely the agreement will stand the test of time and avoid future problems and potentially, additional litigation.

When the parties are unable to agree upon a parenting time schedule, there are ways to break the impasse. Most parenting time cases in North Dakota will be referred to a mediator prior to any court hearings.  If the parties cannot reach an agreement through their attorneys, or use of a mediator, the court will make the final parenting time decision. When the courts order a parenting time schedule, they do so based on a thorough analysis of the statutory best interests of the child factors, which are a part of North Dakota law.