North dakota Child Support

In North Dakota, all parents, whether married or unmarried, have a duty to support their children, and children have a right to receive support from their parents.  When parents separate, child support obligations are established to ensure children’s needs are still met.

North Dakota, like every other state, has a child support guideline system in place, both to assist with calculating an appropriate child support amount and to enforce obligations that are already established.

North Dakota uses a single-income model to determine appropriate child support obligations.  This means the payor’s gross income is used to determine the guideline child support obligation, and the recipient’s income is not generally considered, except in very limited circumstances.

People often have more questions than answers when it comes to child support.  What does “gross income” mean?  What happens if I’m self-employed, and my income fluctuates from year-to-year?  Who pays for health insurance?  Who pays for daycare?  How can child support be modified?  What about extra-curricular activities?

It’s important to discuss your child support questions with an experienced child support attorney who is familiar with the details of North Dakota’s guidelines and can explain how they will apply in your circumstance.

ND Child Support Resources: