North dakota Child Support

In North Dakota, all parents, whether married or unmarried, have a duty to support their children. Likewise, children have a right to receive support from their parents. When parents separate or divorce, child support obligations must be established to ensure the children’s needs continue to be met.

Whether you are seeking child support from your child’s other parent or are facing child support payment obligations, the Fargo family law attorneys at Parvey, Larson, and McLean can help.

Understanding How North Dakota Family Law Addresses and Determines Child Support Obligations

North Dakota, like every other state, has a child support guideline system designed to assist with calculating an appropriate amount of child support and to enforce already-established support obligations.

Unlike some states that consider each parent’s income, North Dakota uses a single-income model to determine appropriate child support amounts. This means the payor’s gross income is used to determine the guideline child support obligation.

However, the recipient’s income is not generally considered, except in very limited circumstances, including when the recipient earns at least three times as much as the payor. In situations where both parents share custody on an equal basis, North Dakota family law says that support obligation calculations must be completed for each parent to determine the payor and amount of child support payments.

Child support obligations in North Dakota generally extend until the child reaches age 18 and has graduated from high school, or until the child turns 19 (even if he or she has not graduated from high school at that point). It is important to understand that the payor is not expected to pay for all of the child’s needs until this point; the custodial parent (the parent with whom the child primarily lives) bears some financial responsibility, too.

While the state uses a model to calculate a non-custodial parent’s child support obligations, understand that the court has the final say and may adjust the calculated amount up or down, based on the child’s needs and best interest.

An ND Family Law Attorney Can Be a Trusted Resource

People often have more questions than answers when it comes to child support. Some of the questions we commonly hear from our clients include:

  • What does gross income mean?
  • What happens if I’m self-employed and my income fluctuates from year to year?
  • Who pays for health insurance?
  • Who pays for day care? How can child support be modified?
  • What about extracurricular activities?
  • Can I challenge the child support calculation?
  • Can a child support obligation be modified in the future?

When working with an attorney who is experienced and adept in handling North Dakota and Minnesota family law cases, including child support matters, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a skilled advocate in your corner.

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