Adoptions are one of the more joyous events in the law, even for the lawyers and judges.  Adoptions bring families together.  We are skilled adoption attorneys, whether you are interested in an agency adoption, direct adoption, step-parent adoption, or familial adoption.

In Minnesota, anyone can adopt another person.  The process for each adoption varies depending on if it is a stepparent or relative adoption, a direct adoption, or an adoption through an agency.  In most cases, the process involves gathering necessary documents, serving papers on biological parents and the State of Minnesota, and a brief hearing before a judge.   Minnesota does require a criminal background check and search of the putative fathers’ registry in all adoption cases.

Some states require biological parents’ rights to be terminated in one action, and the adoption in a second, separate, action.  In Minnesota, termination of biological parents’ rights and granting the adoption are all handled within the adoption action.  However, in cases where the child is part of a direct adoption, the process does require two sperate steps that occur over a period of months.

Depending on the type of adoption you are looking for, the process may be relatively fast and inexpensive as opposed to other legal actions.  However, if a parent refuses to consent, or complications arise with an agency, the time and costs can increase.