Family Law Practice Areas


Divorce can be challenging, whatever the reason. We handle stipulated, contested, collaborative, and high net worth divorces. No matter the size of your case, or the issues involved, we’re here to advocate for you and your family.


Nothing matters to you more than your children. At this emotionally-driven time, it’s critical to consider the advice of an experienced family law attorney, one who knows the law and can help you develop creative, workable solutions for your family.


Establishing paternity is the first step in determining appropriate custody, parenting time, and support terms for your child. Let us help you build this important relationship.

Parenting Time

We have the experience and tools to help establish a schedule, transportation provisions, decision-making terms, and other important pieces of a parenting plan for you and your child.

Child Support

Child support laws rules, and guidelines can be incredibly daunting. If you have any questions about how to establish support for your child, or if you would like your child support reviewed, we are here to help.


Agency, stepparent, and identified adoptions all have their own procedures and requirements. Adoptions are some of the most joyous cases we handle. We’d love to help you expand your family.

Protection Orders

We firmly believe your privacy, personal safety, and security come first. If any of these are being challenged or affected, it may be necessary to take steps to protect yourself. We can discuss the available options and determine how we can help.


Guardianship and conservatorship actions often require immediate action, and always require experience and thorough preparation. We can guide you through this process and help determine the best course of action for your loved one.


Mediation is a great alternative to traditional litigation. Our attorneys are trained mediators and can explain how this ADR method can benefit your family. We are also trained in collaborative law and are determined to break the mold of contentious divorce.

Custody Investigations

When custody issues are disputed, the assistance of a parenting investigator can help a family find an answer that works.