PLM continues its commitment to take care of our clients’ needs during this pandemic, but we also recognize that now is a time we need to pay attention to our own health and safety, and that of the greater community.


Our office will continue to remain open and operational during normal business hours at this time, with limited staff.  Like other businesses around our community and the world, we ask for your cooperation as we respect the CDC guidelines surrounding social distancing.  To that end, we have shifted to conducting appointments via telephone, to the extent possible.  We ask that clients call ahead before stopping in, in our efforts to keep everyone safe.  Limiting office hours in the future may become a reality.


This is difficult. It’s unusual for us, as social people and accessible professionals, to place any such boundaries on our interactions with clients and others.  But we will do our part to slow the spread of this virus and protect the most vulnerable among us.


We ask for your patience, as there may be delayed response time to emails and questions, as we and our staff members also tend to the needs of our families and children.  Please email us if you have any questions or need assistance.


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Thank you, and be safe!