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Is drug or alcohol abuse grounds for divorce in North Dakota?

North Dakota marriages end for many different reasons. In some instances, you and your former partner may simply fall out of love with one another, meaning neither of you did anything specific to ruin the marriage. In other circumstances, though, your partner may do something that makes you want a divorce. North Dakota recognizes no-fault divorces or those that do not result from direct action. However, the state also recognizes fault divorces, and there are various grounds that may warrant one.

Per the North Dakota Legislature, the state may decide to grant you a divorce if one of seven specific circumstances exist. If your spouse has an established history of abusing drugs or alcohol, this may be a valid reason to end the marriage.

When substance abuse is grounds for divorce

If you cite your former spouse’s substance abuse as a main reason for your split, you may need to furnish evidence demonstrating as much. The evidence should show that your ex has an established history of drug or alcohol abuse, and it should also show how your partner’s substance dependency had a negative impact on your union.

Why substance abuse may be grounds for divorce

Many people in relationships with partners with drug or alcohol dependencies report that they are unhappy in their marriages. Your partner’s substance dependencies may cost you financially if he or she faces a charge for drug possession, drunk driving or so on. Your partner’s dependency issues may also impact the way he or she treats you or any children you may have.

Other possible grounds for divorce North Dakota recognizes include adultery, extreme cruelty and desertion, among others.