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Improving communications with your child’s other parent

Coparenting after a North Dakota divorce involves a period of adjustment, and you and your ex may find it difficult to raise your child together, but from separate homes. Many disagreements between coparents result from communication issues, so figuring out how to communicate better with your former partner offers benefits for everyone involved.

Per Women’s Health, successful coparenting requires both you and your former partner to make similar contributions with regard to your child’s upbringing and general care. You are probably not going to be able to avoid communicating with one another along the way, but you may find that interacting with each other is easier if you both take the following steps.

Have a set schedule

While having a set parenting time schedule helps avoid many conflicts, it is also wise to create a schedule for when the child communicates with the other parent while staying at one parent’s home. For example, you and your ex may get along better if you decide that the child talks to the other parent, say, every day at 6 p.m., or what have you.

Exercise maturity when attending events together

There is also a good chance you and your ex are going to run into one another at school functions, sports events and even your child’s own wedding. Learning how to share a space with your ex without fighting with him or her is an important step in the coparenting relationship.

It also helps to remember that both parents play an active role in your child’s development and upbringing and that your child is better off when you and your ex learn how to avoid and eliminate conflicts.