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Will your assets impact the rockiness of your divorce?

You may have heard before that couples with more assets also tend to have a rockier divorce. But are these all baseless rumors, or do they actually have some truth to them?

While they may not be entirely false, they also certainly are not perfectly true, either.

A look at disputes in divorce

As Business Insider states, assets do have a relationship with arguments in divorce to a degree. Couples with a joint net worth of between $1 and $5 million fight so much in divorces that they have earned the moniker “the fighting class” by the press.

However, couples with a net worth of over $5 million actually have more amiable divorces than any other wealth bracket. How is it possible for these two truths to exist side by side?

In short, it is not the assets so much as the way couples view them that truly affects the rate of arguments.

The difference financial security makes

If you and your spouse feel financially secure, you are less likely to fight because you have less desperation driving your desire to own and keep as many assets as possible.

On the other hand, if financial insecurity exists, the arguments in a divorce are likely to be more intense and happen more frequently, especially regarding asset division. This is because you are both fighting for your ability to maintain your current style of life, and feel like the divorce is threatening this in some way.

Of course, it is impossible to entirely predict whether or not arguments will happen, when they will happen, or how intense they will be. But if you maintain financial security, you may not have to worry about intense arguments as much.