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Reasons to consider adopting an adult

Adoption frequently revolves around children as parents seek to add to their family outside of conceiving a child. This ranges anywhere from newborns and toddlers all the way up to foster home teens.

However, as detailed by the North Dakota courts, there is technically no upper limit on how old someone can be for adoption—though the reasons might change.

Requirements for adopting adults

Whereas courts and adoption agencies scrutinize every aspect of a family home when it comes to adopting a child, adopting an adult is often less messy and comes down to a matter of mutual consent. North Dakota statutes indicate that any person may be eligible for adoption and that anyone 10 years old or older must provide consent.

These statutes also stipulate a home residency of six months prior to the finalization of an adoption process, but it is important to review your situation regarding that requirement in an adult-to-adult adoption case.

Reasons for adopting adults

Depending on how you want to build your family or join up with one, adoption to formalize an existing relationship may prove to be a useful tool. It may help streamline inheritance questions by ensuring a smooth transfer of assets and property. A caretaker may adopt an isolated, incapacitated adult in order to more easily make medical and financial decisions for them.

Growing your family is a big decision, no matter who you choose to add to it. Having the correct documentation when navigating the adoption process is vital. If adoption is right for you, it is important to evaluate your situation and approach it with strategies that may help the process go smoother.