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What role does a divorce mediator play?

Going through a divorce is difficult for everyone involved. But in some cases, the divorce itself can be easier, especially if mediation works rather than litigation.

In cases of mediation, the mediator plays a crucial role. But what exactly do they do? What is their role in the divorce process and how do they fulfill it?

What power do mediators have?

Brides discuss the importance of a divorce mediator and how divorce mediation works. The mediator serves as an objective party within the divorce itself. They do not take sides or argue for one person over another. Instead, it is their goal to act as a bridge between a divorcing couple.

Mediators do not hold the same sort of legal power as a judge or an arbitrator. They cannot make decisions for a divorcing couple or make any legally binding choice for them. Their primary purpose is to help walk a couple through the divorce process while keeping a calm environment.

What is their purpose?

They ensure all parties have a chance to speak their mind and say what they want. At the same time, they carefully monitor the situation to ensure that no one’s emotions get too far out of hand. They help keep explosive arguments at bay and will guide couples through even minor disagreements.

They can also provide a unique perspective as a neutral party. They can help solve problems and point out things that both divorcing parties may have missed due to their position in the divorce as directly involved. They provide valuable guidance and support and often make a mediated divorce possible in the first place.