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Different ways to pay child support in North Dakota

If you are navigating the divorce process as a parent, you have many issues to go over. Aside from custody and the emotional well-being of your children, you need to think about the financial side of ending your marriage, especially if you will owe child support.

Parents sometimes struggle to pay support for a host of reasons, whether they lose their job or experience a medical crisis. However, you can pay support in different ways and finding the most convenient method could help you stay caught up.

Income withholding and other child support payment methods

According to the North Dakota Department of Human Services, a majority of child support payments come from income withholding through one’s employer. However, not everyone has child support withheld from their income automatically, such as self-employed workers and those who lose their job or switch jobs.

If you need to pay child support in another way, you have various options. For example, you can make a payment via check or money order, whether you pay by mail or deliver the payment in person. You can also pay through your bank, pay with cash at certain retail locations, make a payment over the phone or use your credit card to make child support payments.

Other issues to consider regarding child support payments

You should realize that some vendors charge fees for processing child support payments. Make sure that you provide all necessary information correctly when making a payment and pay close attention to the date child support is due. Making child support payments on time is pivotal and finding the most convenient method can help you stay current.