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What are the most common types of adoptions?

Adopting a child can be an exciting but overwhelming journey, especially when you first start to learn about the different types of adoptions.

While in the past most adoptions were closed ones, the same is not true today.

Open adoptions

According to FindLaw, this kind of adoption allows for a greater amount of communication and trust between the adoptive family and the child’s birth family. You will likely have the option to meet the parents of the child you are adopting and talk personally and directly with them.

The child can continue to build a bond with his or her birth parents in the years to come. Not all families choose to stay in direct communication, but it is an option if you wish to do so. You can also pick the family you are most comfortable with while searching for children to adopt.

Closed adoptions

This kind of adoption was more popular in past years but is still prominent in overseas adoptions today. No personal contact happens between you or the child’s birth parents.

A third party arranges all exchanges of basic information, such as the child’s medical history, as well as the final process of adoption.

Semi-open adoptions

If you wish to have some communication with the child’s birth family but also want privacy while doing so, this option allows for that. The level of anonymity can vary depending on what you all feel is comfortable.

This option allows for a more customized approach to open adoption. Knowing more about the different types of adoptions is helpful for anyone looking into the process.