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What are the biggest hurdles faced by grey divorcees?

Every couple faces their own unique hurdles and difficulties when going through divorce. But some age groups have a harder time than others. For example, grey divorcees often struggle with more aspects of divorce than their younger counterparts. 

But why is this the case? And what exactly are the hurdles that older divorcees face? 

Retirement stress

Forbes looks at some of the main challenges of grey divorce. These hurdles manifest as unique problems that younger couples likely do not even think about. For example, many grey divorcees cite stress about retirement. 

After all, by the time you are in your 50s and up, you are likely close to retirement age. Maybe you already retired. Or perhaps you decided to pause your career early to stay home and take care of your family, but never got the chance to return to the workforce. 

Now you are in a situation where you may not have retirement benefits you previously counted on. Instead, you may have to rely on alimony payments, which do not last forever. They may not even make up the difference. What then? Many grey divorcees must return to work or stay later than planned. 

Division of assets

Of course, asset division also causes trouble. After all, older couples have had decades of time to accumulate joint and separate assets. This means the division process often feels long, complex and stressful. 

Some spouses also take advantage of the confusion to obfuscate or hide their assets. If you believe this is happening, you can hire a financial forensic analyst to take a look. You may also want to look into legal help, as this can make the entire process easier to handle.