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Will 50/50 child custody work for your family?

North Dakota couples who are going through a divorce may be considering 50/50 child custody. While it may make initial sense to have both parents playing equal roles in the child’s life, implementing this strategy can be a bit difficult for some families.

Think about the logistics

Depending on the specific custody schedule that you work up with your former spouse, you may be transporting your child back and forth multiple times a week. This can result in a lot of time spent in a vehicle for both you and your child, and it can be quite daunting when your child is dealing with homework and other after-school activities.

A quick look at the pros and the cons

50/50 child custody can have a financial impact on both the children and the parents. The pros nclude having double the household resources, parents getting a break in between visits and the child having both parents involved in their life. Some cons to this type of child custody arrangement include difficult logistics and an inconsistent home base for your child.

When determining whether or not this type of custody arrangement is right for you, it’s really important you take into account your location compared to your former spouse and the age of your child. If your former spouse lives fairly close to you, the logistics can be a lot easier. However, if you live an hour or more apart, that’s a good chunk of the day that will be wasted on travel. In addition, younger children tend to have a harder time adapting to being in two different homes as compared to just one.

Child custody arrangements can be difficult to construct. While something might sound good on paper, actually implementing it in real life can create some mayhem.