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Collaborative divorce can benefit both parties

When North Dakota couples choose to divorce, they might believe that divorce inevitably ends up in a drawn-out court battle. While some marriages do end this way and are costly to settle, another option that couples have is a collaborative divorce. The process can be much shorter, more financially viable and completed without a court battle.

What is a collaborative divorce?

A collaborative divorce is a process where divorcing spouses work together to create their divorce settlement, including figuring out the division of property and their parenting plan. Under mediation and collaborative law, spouses can use an attorney to help them create their settlement from the beginning, or they might only use an attorney to help them file the paperwork with the court.

How does a collaborative divorce benefit both parties?

Having a collaborative or uncontested divorce provides many benefits for both parties during and after the divorce process. The benefits typically include:

  • A less costly divorce process
  • A shorter divorce process
  • A more positive way to begin life post-divorce
  • A better understanding of each person’s finances and budget for life post-divorce
  • More control over the process and the outcome

Divorcing parents who will have to continue interacting with each other for a long time as they raise their kids might find that working collaboratively helps them set up a more open and positive relationship with less anger and recrimination that might become an obstacle to successful shared parenting. As far as finances go, when couples truly prepare before hashing out their divorce settlement, they are more aware of what their true needs will be after the divorce is finalized. This can help them create a more balanced division of property.

Not all couples can go through a collaborative divorce. However, if you and your spouse can have amicable discussions and want to avoid the complications that might arise from a court battle, collaborative divorce is a good option.