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Why is the divorce process delayed?

There are many types of events and actions that can cause the divorce process to become delayed and can make it take longer than necessary for the divorce to be finalized in North Dakota. The process can become delayed if one of the spouses refuses to sign the paperwork or avoids the service of process. Making changes in your legal counsel can also put the process on hold if you don’t feel you’re fairly represented by the attorney or legal team.

Making changes to the mediation schedule also prolongs the divorce process as the meetings are rescheduled and moved to another date. Some spouses attempt to push back the divorce process with this tactic. If it occurs too many times, a hearing date is scheduled, which can’t be moved to another day or time.

How to make the divorce process quicker

You can make your divorce process quicker by going through an uncontested divorce. This requires both spouses to agree on child custody, child support, and the division of your property and debt. A collaborative divorce is also a quicker process without as many delays when both spouses agree on every topic that must be addressed.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

Contact a divorce attorney if you want to file for divorce and are ready to separate from your spouse. An attorney can assist you with the process and explain each step to take. They can also perform mediation to ensure you can create a child custody plan outside of the courts and have more control of the decisions that must be made between both spouses. A legal professional can also offer their services if you need assistance with spousal support, divorce modifications, or protective orders.