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Should you turn to mediation in a divorce?

Mediation is a helpful process that can allow you and your spouse to come to an agreement after filing for divorce in North Dakota. Mediation is often useful if you’re trying to agree on who gets custody or how to divide your assets. It can allow you to get professional advice and develop a better parenting plan. It’s also a lot more affordable than litigation, which can help both parties save money.

Working with a mediator often means that you and your spouse only work with one legal professional and collaborate on your divorce settlement. It’s a simpler process and is less formal. The objective is to create a separation plan and resolve every type of issue without going to court.

What are the benefits of mediation?

If you and your partner can’t come to the same agreement when discussing topics related to your marriage and divorce, mediation can allow you to come to a peaceful resolution. You can both obtain the help of a professional to navigate the situation and find the best solution for both parties involved.

You can consult CPAs, attorneys and financial experts to ensure that you feel confident with your decision and can move forward after receiving their input. Many people also benefit from collaborative mediation because it’s less strict than litigation and is a more private process. It’s more flexible, which can reduce the amount of stress involved.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you want to obtain the benefits of mediation, consult the help of an attorney with experience in family law. A legal professional may inform you of your rights and assist you in preparing for the first session. Together, you’ll create a parenting plan and work toward a resolution that you feel works in your favor.