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What to know about collaborative divorce

The divorce process is often portrayed as a long and arduous one. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible. For instance, instead of taking your case in front of a North Dakota judge, you can choose to pursue a collaborative divorce.

You maintain control over how a settlement is reached

As the name suggests, you and your spouse work together to create a settlement that meets each person’s needs. You will have a say in how often talks will occur, where they will occur and the protocols that will be used to break any impasses that take place. In most cases, you will be represented by a divorce attorney to help you determine what a fair offer might look like. Your attorney may help to ensure that you have all the information needed to negotiate an equitable settlement.

A collaborative divorce can save time and money

Reaching a divorce settlement outside of court can save time and money because there are fewer procedural steps involved. For instance, you don’t have to worry about pretrial motions, appeals or other matters that might take weeks or months to resolve. Furthermore, since the process takes less time to complete, you’ll save money on legal fees and court costs.

In most cases, the only time that you need to go to court is to present the final agreement to a judge for his or her approval. Before signing off on the proposed deal, the judge will make sure that you understand what you’re agreeing to and that the terms were negotiated without any form of undue influence.

If you are thinking about ending your marriage, it is generally in your best interest to do so with the help of an attorney. He or she may be able to assist in the process of obtaining a just share of joint property, parental rights or alimony.