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What to do if your child wants to live with the other parent

After going through a lengthy custody battle in North Dakota, it can be tough hearing that a child wants to live with the other parent. A custodial parent’s first response might be outright refusal. But instead of refusing to listen to their child, it’s better to hear them out and realize that they’re entitled to their feelings on the situation.

What to do if a child wants to live with the other parent

For starters, the parent shouldn’t take it personally. They might get angry at the child and wonder why they want to leave when they’ve done so much to provide a good home. However, they should realize that children don’t have that kind of wisdom or maturity. Furthermore, parents must not raise their children in hopes of a reward.

Additionally, a parent should realize that a child has a different view of the situation than they do. To the parent, their former spouse might be the person who ruined their marriage and forced them into a miserable child custody battle. But to the child, that person is their mother or father, and they still want a relationship with them. Parents also need to understand that it’s hard for the child to not see both parents every day anymore.

Getting legal assistance to solve child custody disputes

Child custody battles can be among the most emotionally draining parts of a divorce. If you have an attorney on your side, they might be able to make the process easier and keep the discussions civil. A lawyer could also help you decide if you should shoot for full custody of your child.