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Custody laws see states sharing more than a border

Raising your children after divorce can be tough. It might get tougher if the state doesn’t award you a healthy chunk of parenting time. North Dakota and Minnesota don’t share everything surrounding shared parenting, but what they do share could prove crucial.

While North Dakota allows for giving both parents a cut, state laws don’t suggest equal portions. Minnesota sits a few steps closer to setting the bar at shared parenting. But what the states have in common may be the most important thing you could pay attention to – the best interest of your children.

Equal parts for success

Often the golden standard for custody after divorce, states set out the best interests in a long list. The idea is to set guidelines for the ideal landing place for children. North Dakota has its own formula, and Minnesota doesn’t stray too far from the path.

Raising standards

These states both put a lot of weight on the children’s best interest, so it can be crucial that you live up to the standards:

  • Love and affection: The emotional connection between you and your children is the bedrock for healthy growth. You need to show that you can meet their developmental needs on the most basic levels.
  • Stable environment: Emotional stability can be hard to provide without financial backing. It may be important to demonstrate that you can cover day-to-day expenses like shelter and food, while also handling large expenses like medical care.
  • Family ties: A willingness to work toward shared responsibility can be a big step. The court will probably want you to work with your former partner on visitation and care. This can also extend to other good influences in their life, like grandparents and teachers.

Raising children isn’t easy, and doing it alone could be hard on everyone. Get the parenting time you deserve.